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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Is he destined to fail?... Reading Arvind Kejrival- The Delhi Chief Minister

My first impression is that Arvind Kejrival(AK) had read a lot of childhood stories (Chandamama story book of Telugu is best example) which emphasize on king, kingdom and heroic acts of yuvraj etc. I too thought of becoming one of the heroes while reading those books at my childhood, but I'm not as lucky as Arvind Kejrival to realize my dream.
In his CNN-IBN interview too with Rajdeep Sardesai, he displayed his heroic acts. What he was saying is all true. He never admitted a single mistake by his Government. Rajdeep few times has raised about 'anarchy', but due to lack of my knowledge in that subject I leave it to the readers.

As I observed the main plus points of Kejrival are...
1. He takes responsibility.
2. He want to be normal human being. No. He hates to be rich or powerful man, at least hates showing himself like a 'bada babu'
3. No fear of loosing power and committed to hunt Commonwealth culprit whether it is Shiela Dikshit or some other man. This is despite his survival on same Sheila's Congress support.
4. The principle of AK is, 'do whatever your heart says. Stick to principles. Not possible? At least try to stick with them. Whatever the procedure if greater good is happening- Do that'.

The prominent drawbacks of Kejrival, I try to put down here
1. Arvind Kejrival doesn't admit any wrong doing of him.
2. He manipulate situations, words or acts to defend his present acts. No mention for the past words or acts in his present debate. He simply skips.
3. Defending the indefensible in Maoist way (I can't find a better word than this)
4. Finally and the dangerous one- Implementing the 3rd point. What you think is correct - implement it.

  • This is going to be the cause to sink his ship.(Eg. Some section of people are corrupt. And they need to be straitened through beating, whatever you name it- whether by suspending, abusing or by blackmailing with sting operations)

Ironically the fourth of the plus points and the forth minus point are talking to each other. 99% of the people on Earth too would vote positively for the fourth point. Exactly with this point as back bone, 99% of world movies and stories were made. Hero of every movie struggle for this very fourth point. The villains and society oppose it. Law and order comes into picture. The Judge gives an order that though the Hero did a great job the law says he needs to be hanged. What a cruel world!!!? The LAW. The real CULPRIT. 
This is what our Arvind Kejrival hates in the same way as the crores of fans of the all heroes do. AK wants to be a 'legend of ZARRO' or simply the 'KRISH' (Aam admi is suffering from the people who are having sticks in their hand. Whether it is police or Ambani. They need a lesson)

Why is the society doesn't permit some one to do good even though it is the wish of the society members?
It is because of a simple truth. The society is for all and of all. Society is answerable to all, including the culprits. Victim needs to get justice and culprit needs to be brought to justice. You need to have a proof to convict the culprit. Heroes usually don't bother about gathering proofs and preserving the proofs. Most of the times it is the work of side characters, who usually save the hero from hanging. But for AK there is none in this aspect.

In Governance 'procedure' is substitute for 'preservation of proofs'. Maoism born from the negligence. It doesn't bother to check facts. Arvind Kejrival exactly sits here. It is negligence or intellectual laziness. It is also visible that he is NOT going to acquire this characteristic in near future. So he is handicapped in this aspect.

How does it harms his government or his career? 
It slows the process. He cannot entirely abolish the law system. The villains can lodge complaints against him (or withdraw support for him- in normal language).

Though it is unpredictable how he cannot progress further but sure is that he destined to fail if he doesn't recognize the fact. He also destined to lose to his one and only opponent. Unlike AK his opponent has carried a rich experience on this aspect. 
Let us see whether any other personal trait will dominate in deciding the outcome of 2014 general elections.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is it the start of the end to the Aam Admi Party (AAP)?

Not in very distant past.... hardly one week back... my prediction was 'AAP can't live long'. That seems to be nearing very fast. If some thing raises very quickly, it short lives. The law of Nature. The chances of AAP surviving in its present form are very bleak. Akshay Kumar of the Firstpost analysed it very simple and clear. I have discussed 'Group dynamics' in this blog earlier. According to this, to make a strong group or organisation one requires a lot of time. Individual ideologies of the members need to talk to each other and should evolve together. And it needs sufficient time for bonding ideas. If the initial differences are week then the struggle between members end smoothly. If the ideologies of the individual members have already evolved strongly in different directions and if some one tries to bring those idealists together the storm will not lost that smoothly. This was apparent when Mrinalini Sarabhai and Kumar Vishwas of AAP slammed each other.  If the initial differences die down soon then there occurs in future another ideological turbulence. If the foundations are strong, those differences too can be overthrown. The concrete slab cannot become stronger if not cooled down with water and sufficient time.  Same theory applies here. Foundation wise for AAP, ati-corruption plank is the only base. It suits for a social awareness organization, where it doesn't deal with huge amounts of money. But politics are highly susceptible to corruption. Any organization to succeed it requires members to display selflessness. One can't find selfless people on every street and corner. The people who joined AAP in lakhs in last few weeks can't all be anti-greedy. They all are Indians, 99% of the people in the world are greedy. 99.9% of the people in India are greedy. If AAP able to garner lakhs of party membership subscriptions and prominent people from media, business and several NGOs within days soon after its Delhi win.... how many of them are non-greedy with flexible ideologies? Does anyone really say those who all joined after Delhi win are not opportunistic? Then how one can say, if really wanted, this fragile AAP will live longer?

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Universe and Galaxies are in structured manner

As per my recent post in my another blog, it was made clear that in Universe, every celestial body has material layers around it and along with its layers it would be floating inside a layer of much bigger body called 'Mother body'. Which means, Earth along  with its layers (Atmospheric layers and exosphere) floating inside heleosphere of the Sun. And the Sun along with its heleosphere and outer spheres(?) is floating inside a layer of Milky-way galaxy. See Fig.5 to 7 at this link. And at higher level, the Galaxy too is floating in one of the layers of its mother body, where the mother body to Galaxy could be a 'cluster of Galaxies' or it could be the Universe itself. And like the Milky-way galaxy the other Galaxies too should be floating inside their mother body layer. 
With this we can easily visualize the Universe in simplest manner. And according to the logic explained in Part 2 of the same blog, it is not easy for the celestial bodies within these layers of each celestial body to go beyond the layer of their mother body where they are staying. In what circumstances these celestial bodies move beyond their native layer is explained in this Part 2.
There are more interesting aspects coming in with time as this hypothesis expands. Just stay in touch with this blog to experience this all.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Star movement towards center of Galaxy could be a disaster for planets

If it is to be believed what I'm writing in my recent blog titled Universe through different lens, it is quite interesting to see what happens a star for example our solar system some how starts traveling towards center of Milky-way?
As per the logic given in this blog's part-2, the outer planets of our solar system could leave our solar system permanently or they could come closer to the inner planets. Neptune is the outer planet in our solar system which orbits the Sun with a mean distance of 30 AU.(Wikipedia) And the immediate inner planet, Uranus is orbiting the Sun with a mean distance of 19 AU.  If the logic in the blog stands for criticism, if Sun travel towards Galaxy center, which is basically inner layers of Galaxy, then the outer planets such as Neptune and Uranus may get lost or they move inside the solar system. If they happen to move closer to Sun high probability is that Neptune and Uranus come very close.
If every thing stands right what have narrated in the blog then it is going to be great idea which leads to several predictions in coming years. I urge all to see and comment what you think on that blog. Even if you think it is rubbish please rubbish it and I promise that I don't mind.
I keep update once I post new posts on that blog.

That blog address is this....

Friday, December 27, 2013

Universe through another lens

There are number of theories on origin of Universe, among which, the most acclaimed one across the scientific community is the Big Bang theory. The other theory which is on back foot is the theory of steady state universe. As per the Wikipedia steady state universe theory is now-obselete theory.
I'm here to propose a new hypothesis which is close to steady state but would explain the recent findings where steady state theory has failed. One example is the cosmic microwave background radiation. 
The approach I used here would be surprising for many but simple to all. This idea is built upon the basic realities observed in the real world but not based on the existing theories, at least not many. Mainly two basic realities of the world used to build this hypothesis. One is the observation of celestial bodies' spheroidal structure and the other is the  decreasing density of materials from center to outer edges of each celestial body.
Here I'm not going to take the help of Gravitational or any other concepts extensively which makes my this attempt funny. But I'm not daring to challenge them yet. This strategy is followed to shields this hypothesis from most of the harsh criticism at this early stage and at the same time one drawback is it lessens the spread of this hypothesis across intellectual masses.

Please refer to my new blog....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Seeing the Universe through another lens

Present understanding of the universe is simple. It is made up of atoms which in turn made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. Quarks assumed to be the building block of Protons and neutrons.
Universe is believed to be formed through big bang, an explosion of infinitesimally small condensed matter.
Though this theory is technically sound many of us are not convinced. Sa a need arises for a valid and convincing yet technically sound theory.
I made few efforts in building a new hypothesis, which turns out to be entirely different from the earlier hypothesis.
During the evolution of this hypothesis it was becoming more exciting to think in this new way as new frontiers in the material world started to emerge.

One for instance is that the Universe we able to sense is only a layer which existed in visible and near  visible light field. We are experiencing only the part of universe though our eyes and our mechanical sensors which can sense our existing electromagnetic wave spectrum. There is a possibility of part of universe which emit the particles and rays which are out of the known electromagnetic spectrum(defined by certain range of frequency f, wavelength λ, or photon energy E), which we may falsely termed as black holes.
Fig. Electromagnetic spectrum (Source: Wikipedia)

The idea has grown but the presentation and backing it became difficult as I lack those skills. And finally I have chosen this way to publish and possibly grow it through cloud sourcing. I need you to help this hypothesis make better and strong. I post regularly the developments as much as I could on the blog post and the readers can suggest the ways to improve it through comments and suggesting the articles and evidences.
I dedicated following blog for this hypothesis. Please follow it.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NaMo Force behind Telangana formation

It's not Student force. It's not TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samiti) force too -The force behind Telangana formation....
It is Modi force....
Believe it or not. Whatever you say the accelerating factor or amplifier, which is Narendra Modi factor. And that is visible in every move of congress' decisions. Congress may or may not take decision on Telangana in near future if not the Narendra Modi meeting was not fixed on 11th August. Congress somehow did wrong calculation or has no faith in coastal Andhra region. But Congress never want to miss the alliance with KCR (The TRS chief K. Chandra sekhar Rao), or at least wanted to stop KCR becoming a fan of NaMo. Then only the secondary motive of the so called 'promise', which the Sonia Gandhi made in so and so time.
Time will tell how the TRS reacts and 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Need of the hour- At least reduce corruption if not remove completely... It is in everyone's hand....

It may be considered as a continuation of my earlier post Corruption - Not a bad thing... But a kind of sickness.
India is in turbulence. The powerful institutions of India such as Central and state Gvt.s, Media and Intelligence agencies have not functioned properly. May be they were functioned earlier but not now....
The reason is well known. 'Intelligent illiteracy' or 'corruption bound illiteracy'. Corruption is rooted from the bottom of bureaucracy to top of the top heads of India. Every institution is suffering from some sort of bureaucracy. No one can blame a single person for this. It is resultant of collective actions of all citizens. There need to be lots of guts to not accept or to give bribes to others, the trait which we usually refuse to wear.
We, the common man as well intellectuals of different departments usually wear the 'Burqa of innocence' at several occasions. If someone tries to reveal the truth- the mostly touched ones react violently. That's what we are seeing now a days if we follow the news after Narendra Modi's 'veil' comment on Congress. Modi said the cover is of secularism. It is well understood by common man if we replace it with 'innocence'.
Why so....
Well... it is nature of human being... We do lot of mistakes and if someone notice it we defend it in several means... In past years we had seen so may examples such as in some occasions few notable people saying ' because I came from 'lower cast' or because I came from minority'. In everyday life anyone can find several instances of such ones themselves use to cover their mistakes.
Wearing 'secular burqa' or 'veil of innocence' is not entirely a bad thing or blunder or a sin. Some times it may take lives if we don't wear it. But if someone wears it throughout his or her life... God knows what's the purpose of their lives... It not only hurts those individuals but it affects the system surrounding them badly. If majority people in the society practice this habit... it better be called as a cinema rather than a society. Because everyone acts there. There is no chance to live life. So the irregularities in society... Lot of dirty places in towns. Wherever you see you find a lot of dust piles on streets as well as in the minds of people.
If someone ask for change or want to lead to change... only fools can deny the deal....
It is good for everyone. If an incorruptible person is showing the way how to lead a incorruptible life in a environment which is entirely unsuitable for it.... don't we agree there is something to learn and to listen?
So please spread the word... At least help to unravel the Corruption less society if not you able to lead it from the front....

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